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Refresh Eyes with Ashtveda Eye Drop

Refresh Eyes with Ashtveda Eye Drop

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  • Refresh Eyes
  • Relieve Pain of Eyes
  • Heal itching Present in Eyes


Dear Sir/Mam in what ever job you are indulged like 12 hr  working on computer , or using mobile, or reading books In all the cases it is most important to refresh you eyes and making them  sharp or healthy enough so that they may not get affected by day today circumstances .

We have created ashtveda eye drop from all Ayurveda herbs that are meant for keeping eyes healthy and fresh .It will also cover all little problems like itching in eyes or any pain in eyes  etc .

Manjishtha, Punarnava, Harad , Amla , Baheda, Giloye , Indrayan .

Lie down and close your eyes put 3-3 drops in side pits of eyes . Now open your eyes and close ( several times ).You can use it Twice a day .

It is not used directly in open eyes as it irritates eyes for few seconds .After a minute when You will open your eyes you will feel a great relaxation .

It will remove all dirt and infections with secreting tears .


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