Hello friends Ashtveda welcomes you to brief description of acne/pimples .Most of us in teenage get pimples on face ,on back ,on forehead ,nose and private organs and due to that we get frustrated and agitated . They act as obstacles in our way to lead the life at fullest.we try to hide our face to avoid look bad and some times dont like to join others for the same reason . So this conversation is for you read it and get aware about pimples/Acne that why did u have pimples ? Or why they are increasing day by day ? Why they come back again ?

Why do I get pimples ?

Causes of Pimples/Acne –

Excessive sebum secretion in teenage cannot be the major cause of pimples but blocking of pilosebaceous duct gives major trigger to them .In Ayurveda pimples are called yuvanpidika ; yuvan means adolescence and pidika means pustules. Imbalance among three doshas is a general cause for all diseases to occur but in case of acne

Pitt dosha is the major dominant dosha which Intoxicate the blood .when pitta increases above its level it comes out of body in the form of acne / pimples.

Why pitt dosha increases ?

1) Young age is the cause .

2) Increase of pitt dosha due to some factors.

In ayurveda we have to balance all doshas to treat any disease . Here the main dosha pitta dosha which has accumulated in rasa(pasma) ,rakt (blood) , mamsa (muscle) and lasika (lymph). Specific ayurveda drugs must be advised by ayurveda practitioner .

What i can do ?

On your end you must do nidan parivarjan means avoid the causes of pimples ( be attentive towards causes written below . )

1) Jaggery -It is always noticed by experts Eating excessive jaggery worsen the problem of pimples so avoid it.

2) Gachak – Is made up of jaggery

3) Sweet curd – Eating sweet curd very swiftly triggers pimples.

4) Tarmarind – Increases pitta dosha so itself causes pimples

5) Coffee – Increases pitta dosha

6) Shakes – Sweet in nature noticed to cause pimples ,

7) Sauces – All sauces intoxicate blood and veerya .

8) Dry fruits – Most of dry fruits are pittaj in nature and leads to increase in pimples

9) Chocolates – Among teenagers chocolate is found to be very common cause of worsening pimples as it increases pitta dosha .

10) Constipation – Due to constipation toxins that had to be cleared away through faeces remain inside the body and all toxins get absorbed

through intestine and come out as pimples.

Many of causes are present which can not be counted and can only be Diagnosed by an ayurveda practitioner .Get your problem diagnosed by Ashtveda expert doctor’s and take the treatment . Kick your pimples away by filling the form below and get a call back by the doctor .

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